Electro Optics Manufacturing, Inc.: Your Source for Precision Stamping and Manufacturing Services.Electro Optics Manufacturing, Inc.

Your Source for Precision Stamping and Manufacturing Services

About Us

Electro Optics Manufacturing is your source for precision stamping and manufacturing servicesElectro Optics Manufacturing is the choice of manufacturers and distributors of all sizes for quality stamping, assembly and manufacturing of small products. Family-owned with over 45 years of experience, we are one of the most flexible sources of manufacturing services capable of producing quantities from 1000 pieces to runs of up to 3,000,000.

Our services include:

  • Precision Stamping

    Using carbide progressive and compound dies, we stamp tight tolerance, high-quality parts to customer specifications. We have the flexibility to simultaneously run low-volume productions alongside high-volume productions.

  • Assembly

    We assemble component parts into finished products that are pad printed, bar coded, packaged and shipped ready for the end user. We can assemble from parts we manufacture or from parts you provide.

  • Custom Manufacturing

    Our manufacturing process not only allows us to produce world renowned, private label, precision hand tools for the telecommunications and electronics industries; it can be easily adapted for manufacturing of components for many other industries as well.

As an added service, Electro Optics Manufacturing is one of the only contract manufacturers to provide internal inventory management to all of our customers. The system enables us to track and store detailed information about customers’ orders and inventories. With this information we can remind customers to place orders to replenish inventory, help manage inventory data during company transition periods and provide historical data for production planning.

Because we’re a family-owned business, we’re able to place a higher priority on customer relationships. For our customers, that means a 24-hour turn-around on customer inquiries, personal attention from one of the most skilled and experienced teams in the industry and one-on-one consulting for the most efficient method to get your product out the door.