Electro Optics Manufacturing, Inc.: Your Source for Precision Stamping and Manufacturing Services.Electro Optics Manufacturing, Inc.

Your Source for Precision Stamping and Manufacturing Services
Precision stamping, progressive dies, compound dies, carbide dies, steel dies, forming dies, die punches

Precision Stamping

With over 45 years of stamping and machining experience, Electro Optics Manufacturing produces superior quality precision metal stamped products.

Fiber optic tools, hand tools, cable tools, assembly, sub assembly, barcoding, pap printing, packaging, plating


Whether we manufacture your parts or you provide your own parts, Electro Optics Manufacturing’s assembly experience helps you ensure a high-quality final product.

A contract manufacturer specializing in precision stamping, machining and assembly, Electro Optics Manufacturing has more than 45 years of manufacturing and assembly experience.

We are a leading manufacturer of low to medium volume components with the ability to manufacture parts with a minimum thickness of .001" and a maximum thickness of .250" and holding tolerances of .0005".

We also manufacture and assemble tools for termination of fiber optic cable and copper wire. These private-label stripping tools, cleaving tools and scribes are recognized worldwide as premier fiber optic tools in the telecommunications industry.

Electro Optics Manufacturing is a certified woman-owned enterprise and registered ISO 9001:2008.

Custom Manufacturing, CNC Machining, NC Machining, Surface Grinding, 3 axis, Ferrous alloy, non ferrous alloy, deburring

CUSTOM Manufacturing

You’ve developed a great product and now you need to manufacture it. That’s where Electro Optics comes in. Our manufacturing experience can help you turn your vision into reality.


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